Pattern Wire Bangles in Sterling Silver set of 3 - Noveau Romance

  • $69.00

In this romantic set of 3 sterling silver bangles, the Silver Tapestry flower and leaf pattern is combined with a silver swirl and leaf pattern, and accented with a shiny hammered bangle. This set looks great when worn alone or mixed and matched with others.

I can make the bangles in any size, although the standard sizes listed below fit most people. If you are unsure of your size, you can measure your hand by making a fist, and measuring the distance from the center of your index or pointer finger to the center of your pinky or little finger.  You can also select a custom size if you need a different size than those listed below.  If you select custom size, be sure to leave me a message with the size you need when you check out.  Thanks!

Standard sizes:
Small - 2.25" inside diameter
Medium - 2.50" inside diameter
Large - 2.75" inside diameter