Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle - 1 Skinny Bangle at a Time

  • $18.00

Create your own stack of skinny sterling silver bangles! This listing will allow you to select any quantity you would like at the same price as the sets. The price listed is for EACH single bangle.

Each skinny bangle is made from solid sterling silver, and is soldered, hammered and hand-polished to a beautiful shine. These are skinny, but sturdy, and will stand up to everyday wear. They are meant to wear as multiples, and look best if at least 3 are worn together.

The standard bangle sizes are:
SMALL - 2.25 inches inside diameter
MEDIUM - 2.5 inches inside diameter
LARGE - 2.75 inches inside diameter

To measure your hand if you don't know your bangle size, measure the distance across the back of your hand between the center of your index finger knuckle and the center of your pinkie knuckle (either inches or centimeters).