Sterling Silver Pattern Wire Bangle Set of 2 - Dogwood Spring

  • $62.00

A pair of pattern wire bangles with beautiful dogwood flowers and flourishes. I love how these two pair together! Substantial, but not too heavy to be comfortable for wearing all day. I admit stacking bangles are an addiction of mine, and I love mixing and matching them according to mood!

The larger, dogwood pattern bangle is 6.40mm wide x 1.73mm thick (about 1/4 inch). The smaller flourish pattern wire is 3mm wide x 2.5 mm thick. The photos show the bangles oxidized to bring out the beauty of the pattern.

For bangle sizing, the inside diameter (distance across the inside of the bangle) must be large enough to go over the widest part of your hand. If you are unsure of your size, you can measure across your knuckles as you are making a fist. Measure the distance from the center of your pointer finger knuckle to the center of your pinky finger knuckle. This is the measurement you will need for your bangle diameter. I've listed the 3 standard sizes below, but I can make another diameter if you need it.  Largest size I can make is 3" inside diameter.  Please be sure to let me know the size you need in the message box when you check out.   If no size is given, I ship a medium.

Standard sizes:
Small - 2.25" inside diameter
Medium - 2.50" inside diameter
Large - 2.75" inside diameter