Sterling Silver Pattern Wire Bangle Set of 2 - Garden Gate

  • $62.00

Sterling silver stacking bangles with a rustic flower and leaf design. These make a beautiful set with an elegant, yet rustic feel.

The wide bangle is just over 1/4" (8mm) wide, and the narrow one is 1/8" (4mm) wide. Both are made from solid sterling silver, and oxidized to bring out the detail.

If you are unsure of your size, you can measure your hand by making a fist, and measuring the distance from the center of your index or pointer finger to the center of your pinky or little finger.  Be sure to let me know the size you prefer in the message box when you check out.

Standard sizes:
Small - 2.25" inside diameter
Medium - 2.50" inside diameter
Large - 2.75" inside diameter