Sterling Silver Stacking Bangles in Patterned Wire - Three's Company

  • $62.00

Sterling silver stacking bangles that are made to go with everything. One each of hammered, twisted rope pattern, and what I call the "Petite Fleur" pattern - tiny flowers and delicate millgrained edges. These will mix and match other bangles, both plain and fancy!

All three bangles are solid sterling silver, and the hammered bangle is just a hair under 2mm wide, made from 14g wire, the twisted rope is 2.6mm wide, and the Petite Fleur pattern is 2.8mm wide. 

I can make these in any size inside diameter, but the 3 standard sizes that fit most people are:

large - 2.75" diameter
med - 2.50" diameter
small - 2.25" diameter

If no size information is given, I ship the 2.75" size. If you need a different size, be sure to let me know in the message to seller when you check out - thanks so much!

To measure your hand if you don't know your bangle size, measure the distance across the back of your hand between the center of your index finger knuckle and the center of your pinkie knuckle (either inches or centimeters), and let me know the measurement when you place your order.