Starfish Pendant Necklace with Pebbles Summer Jewelry - Pebble Shores

  • $62.00

A rustic sterling silver starfish pendant inspired by my memory of walking along a rocky beach searching for shells and sand dollars. Finding a starfish would have been a really wonderful surprise, as I have never seen one on a beach. This golden brass starfish is nestled among silver pebbles bringing to mind the rustic look of weathered driftwood and the feel of sand between your toes.

Please note that each one of these pendants will differ slightly because of the handmade process of making little pebbles and soldering them on individually. (and sometimes chasing them across the floor when they roll away) Every pendant is one of a kind!

The pendant is 1 inch in diameter and created from solid .925 sterling silver. Hammered for texture and adorned with a pile of silver pebbles along with a solid brass starfish or sometimes two, depending on how the pebbles arrange themselves. The chain shown is 17 inches and has a handmade shepherd's hook clasp. Both the pendant and the chain/clasp are shown oxidized.