Sterling silver and Sunstone artisan ring - Fire Dance - SOLD

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This artisan handmade ring sets off an amazing flame-shaped sunstone that flashes and dances like fire.  Set into a romantic, hand fabricated sterling silver setting, and accented with a tiny cubic zirconia, the sunstone shines like fire from almost every angle.  This particular dark orange sunstone is from India, and is noted for its fiery, dark orange color. It sometimes has small inclusions of darker crystals, one of which can be seen on the lower right of the stone, almost like a "beauty mark".  

This ring is a size 6 1/2, and can be sized up to a 7 if need be.  I do have other one of a kind sunstones in other shapes available, so if you would like a ring custom made in your size with a different stone, use the "contact us" button on your left to send me a custom request.   

A little bit about sunstones...

Sunstone is a type of feldspar called "oligoclase" and gets its shine, known as "schiller", in the same way that labradorite, also a feldspar, does. In addition, sunstone contains small hematite crystals that give it added sparkle. The sparkle is known as aventuresence.  Much sunstone is metallic in appearance due to reflective inclusions of red, orange or green crystals.  Sunstone ranges from 6-6½ on the MOHS scale, the same as labradorite, and slightly less hard than quartz, which is 7.  (Diamonds are 10, and sapphires are 9, and topaz is 8, for comparison).