Hammered Copper Bangle with Fused Silver - Unbound

  • $55.00

Hammered bangle in copper with a melted overlay of sterling silver that looks a bit like a wrapping of twine coming unbound from the bracelet. A lovely, rustic look that is comfortable and easy to wear.

The bangle was hand forged from thick 10g copper, fused with silver, and oxidized to bring out the texture.  All of my bracelets and bangles can be made to fit any size wrist from very petite to extra large.  The standard sizes that fit most people are:

SMALL - 2.25 inches inside diameter 
MEDIUM - 2.5 inches inside diameter 
LARGE - 2.75 inches inside diameter

To measure your hand if you don't know your bangle size, measure the distance across the back of your hand between the center of your index finger knuckle and the center of your pinkie knuckle.