Natural Star Sapphire Artisan Ring - Stars in the Mist - SOLD

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Sterling silver and 14kt gold showcase a stunning six-ray natural star sapphire in this unique artisan ring.  The sapphire is ever changing in the light, sometimes muted and misty and sometimes shining with all the brilliance of the sun. You'll never get tired of looking at it!

This ring is set in an 18kt gold bezel, with a 14kt gold ring shank, and accented with 3 14kt gold balls. Two shiny sterling accent rings are also included to stack with it. The back plate is polished to a smooth reflective shine - shinier than it appears in the photo. 

The stone in the photo has been sold, but I am always happy to make a similar ring with a stone of your choosing. A star ruby would also be stunning in this design, as well as a black star sapphire. Please use the Contact Us button on the left side of the page if you would like me to create a similar ring for you.