River of the Sun - Bumblebee Jasper artisan ring

  • $109.50

 Handmade artisan sterling silver ring with ribbons of bright pure yellow running through a gorgeous Bumblebee Jasper cabochon just like a river of sunlight. The stone is simply embellished with a smooth curve of silver and 2 little silver pebbles, and the band has a pattern of waves stamped into it. There are no rainy days when you wear this bright, cheery ring!

The stunning bumblebee jasper cabochon was cut by an artisan lapidary here in the US, and has a smooth, high polish finish. This type of jasper naturally has a tiny little pit or two in the surface of the stone, but they are barely visible, and do not detract from the stone in any way. This jasper is quite rare, and found only in West Java, Indonesia. It is said to be currently mined out, so will be increasingly more difficult to find. 

Size of the stone is 17mm x 24mm, and the finished ring measures approximately 27mm x 23mm. This ring is slightly over a 7 1/2, not quite a 7 3/4. The band is 4mm in width, and the ring can be made about 1 size larger if need be.

*********About the stone**********
Bumblebee jasper comes from the fumarole fields of the Mount Papandayan volcano in West Java, Indonesia. Its a mixture of high levels of silica in the form of primarily opal and acidic solutions that dissolve the wall rock of the volcano, as well as percolating sulfur out of the belching still active fumarole, as well as other minerals. These have been depositing for a few hundred thousand years at this high mountains vent. There are as many as 15 other mineral traces which form the ribbons of color in the stone.