Rustic Hoop Earrings in Textured Fine Silver - Summerlight Hoops

  • $35.00

Rustic Hoop earrings with a satin finish texture almost like leather. Substantial little hoops but not heavy, these will show off your summer tan brilliantly with their almost white finish. 

These earrings are made from thick .999 pure silver wire, which has been heated almost to the melting point to fuse them together.  Forged by hand to create a lovely organic texture, they are meant to have a rustic shape, and are not perfect circles.  Earrings measure slightly over 3/4" (about 20 to 21mm), and dangle approximately 1.25" including the handmade fine silver earwires.

I got my start as a metal smith by learning to fuse fine silver, and I still love to work with it.  Fine silver is slightly softer than sterling, and does not tarnish nearly as quickly.  Many people find that it never tarnishes at all (the amount of tanish on jewelry depends on how much you wear it, and your body chemistry).

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