Skinny Bangles with Matte Satin Finish in Hammered Sterling Silver - WHITE SATIN NIGHTS

  • $18.00

These skinny sterling silver bangles have been hammered, then given a brushed finish that looks like satin and feels like velvet.  You won't be able to stop touching them!  They mix really well with other bangles, and their bright white finish is a perfect accent with oxidized bangles.  Pictured here is a stack of 12, and when worn together they really make a statement!   

The three sizes that most people need are below.  If your hand is slightly smaller or larger than these diameters, fit should still be just fine if you choose the closest measurement.

large - 2.75" diameter
med - 2.50" diameter
small - 2.25" diameter

To measure your hand if you don't know your bangle size, measure the distance across the back of your hand between the center of your index finger knuckle and the center of your pinkie knuckle (either inches or centimeters).  Even if you have small wrists, the bangle needs to be sized to a diameter that will allow your hand to fit through the opening to put in on.