Sterling Silver Bangle - Silver Elegance

  • $59.00

A sterling silver bangle with a beautiful art deco style pattern and amazing detail. A great addition to any stack, but thick and substantial enough to look perfect alone as well.

The bangle is 4mm wide, and 2mm thick, and can be lightly oxidized to bring out the lovely detail in the pattern, or left bright. The 1st main photo shows the unoxidized version, the 2nd and 3rd photos show the oxidized version, and the last 2 photos show the unoxidized one.

If you are unsure of your size, you can measure your hand by making a fist, and measuring the distance from the center of your index or pointer finger to the center of your pinky or little finger.

Standard sizes:
Small - 2.25" inside diameter
Medium - 2.50" inside diameter
Large - 2.75" inside diameter

If you need a size not listed, choose Custom and tell me your size in the customer notes.